ASEC’s mission:   Collaboration, Content, Cultivation

We offer a host of practical professional development opportunities that will allow educators and school leaders to better understand the effective implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards and three-dimensional learning. We have successfully developed model units and lessons that can provide a clear picture of the fundamental shift necessary in today’s science classrooms.

The All Species Education Consulting group includes nationally recognized, award-winning educators who are highly trained in the implementation of three-dimensional learning. We strive to illustrate the effectiveness of using phenomenon and natural student curiosity to drive instruction and build coherence throughout your science course. 

We Attain this Through Three Critical Components


Sustained conversations about three-dimensional teaching and learning

Creation of Content through Context

Teaching through engaging real world phenomena and authentic data


Fostering a learning environment that is student-driven and student-centered

Services We Offer

Individualized consultations for school/district personnel

Empowering Teacher Leaders

Establishing Teacher Working Groups

Live Animal Education Programs (more info at

Life Science Educator Professional Development Workshops

 Effective & Manageable NGSS Implementation

Phenomenon-Driven Teaching & Learning

Storylining for the 3D Science Classroom

Using Authentic Data to Drive Instruction:  Figuring out, not learning about

Effective Teacher Questioning & Academic Discourse – Leading Students to Discovery

3D Assessment Techniques

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Last updated: March 11, 2018